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THE CARD DECK WE always wanted 

Untitled_Artwork 87.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 88.jpg


Motherlover is the creation of two mothers who felt it was about time someone made an affirmation card deck that was honest, inclusive and beautiful. That captured the bliss of the first year baby bubble, but also the doubt, frustration and anxiety often left out. One that offered support, inspiration and solidarity for new parents. 

Essentially, we wanted to bring to you the card deck we always wanted, but never had. We hope it brings you comfort, a laugh and a strong message that whatever it is you're going through, you got this.  

Nina Ruotsalainen is a creative entrepreneur and yoga teacher. Nina's favourite things include teaching pre and postnatal classes, watching birth videos and drinking strong coffee. The Motherlover concept and content is her design.

Saara Obele is a graphic designer, illustrator and yoga teacher. Saara enjoys bright colours, going outdoors, dancing, drawing and crafting with kids. The illustrations and design for the concept are Saara's. 

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